Monday, December 01, 2008

New Beginnings

My new home is here... I hope that you will come by and visit.

Thanks for all your comments and interest, its been great fun. The new blog will be much the same with a bit more of this and that.


Friday, November 28, 2008

Christmas in the Park

The boys are off tonight to a great family tradition... Christmas in the Park. You take a packed tea and then sit in the boiling hot sun till it gets freezing cold and then listen to Christmas songs. It's actually heaps of fun, 100 000 people go and sit in Hagley Park with their friends. It's heaps easier now that there's cell phones, cause you can find you friends easier!! I'm gonna stay in bed. I'm thinking right now that it would be great to be a penguin mummy and shuffle the egg to the penguin daddy and then whip off across the ice for dinner!!

I think I have some photos from last year...

View from my bed...

This time next year this will be a distant memory. Just to remind myself, that yes I did lie around on beautiful sunny days on the weekend, just making a baby!


Today I wanted to sew borders on these three quilts...
Make some plans for this lovely pile of fabric from Fabrictopia...

Finish this table cloth, this quilt and this wall hanging....

Make two of these tops, and two aprons...

but instead I am going to stay in bed, watch Grey's Anatomy, unpick the mistake in Chrissy's quilt and try and feel a whole lot better!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

I'm going to do this...

Pop over the Esther's Blog, she has a lovely lovely BOM for free. I love RED and this looks like the perfect quilt to use it on. I'm going to do Red Work because I like doing that and I think it will look good with a bunch of red fabrics from my STASH!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Precious moments....

Daddy and Roo doing reading (don't look at the messy room!!)
Chrissy eating breakfast!

Saturday, November 22, 2008


This weekend I made a new bed for Mondo, our black spoodle. He is thrilled to bits with it! I made the top for the quilt for Caleb and gave it to Shenleigh so I'll have to photograph that when it comes back!

I also helped Chrissy tidy her room. I've failed as a mother in teaching my child to be tidy. My goodness. How do people get their kids to be tidy? to be fair I'm not a paragon of tidiness myself, but I do pick up after myself. I hate to whinge about her, cause she is great really, but I just wish I could help her to be tidy. Anyway as she is about to move into the bathroom, yes the bathroom, (the shower is coming out and the bed is going in) I thought I would make her a new quilt....
It's mainly a Henry Alexander fabric called "madison" with some fat quarters for accent. I got the idea from the Last Minute Patchwork Gifts book and it works really well.

It's bright and breezy and it came together so so so so fast! She loves it.

I also used almost the last of the left overs and made this quilt with a Heather Bailey fabric called "Pop Garden" that I can't rave about enough! I got it from Fabric Worm and I love it love it love it!

Once again an easy peasy quilt, but I find I need to do some quickies every now and again and it gets the whole speed sewing thing out of my system and I can concentrate on careful sewing again! Both these tops can go to Shenleigh to be quilted I think!

I also sewed the bindings on the Ugly Quilt, which doesn't look ugly now and I gave it to Justin next door, and the Cousin's Christmas Quilt which is all ready for them now. Last weekend I had a real go at those Christmas presents (hence no pictures) and am really on track now with that. Today we have had a fantastic family day, went to a BBQ and had a lovely time with our friends.
David has been busy too, he's getting projects done outside, our property is starting to look like we love it at last!
ps We will still have the ensuite, so we will all be clean! Just in case you were wondering... but an unexpected baby has to go somewhere which means one child goes in the bathroom!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Virtual Quilting Bee...

I came across this on One Shabby Chick's blog. There's nothing shabby about that Chick, my word, I love what she does! Anyway this is a virtual quilting bee and it looks like fun. Is anyone in the Australia/New Zealand area interested in trying to get a bee started? If we had 12 people, we would each get a quilt a year for the simple sewing of one block a month. Any takers?

By the way I hope this is not copywrited - please let me know if it is. I looked carefully on the blog and couldn't find a contact or any sign of it being a Secret Society!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

It's a girl!

10 Fingers, 10 Toes, a beautiful heart...
Thank you God for our miracle daughter.
We love you already and can't wait to meet you!