Saturday, August 30, 2008

Surprise Project....

Did I mention that I'm going to be 40 in a week? also I have grey hair, bifocals and had a hip replacement? Yes well, guess what?

I'm going to have a baby! Yes it's true, it's not a joke (although it may feel like one!!) I really am going to have a baby. Our big kids (15, 12) are surprised out that we are still 'doing it'!!! but they agree that a girl would be ok! Our little guy (6) doesn't know yet, he doesn't understand about time etc and it would be too far away for him to be a reality.

I can't believe how tired I feel (like an old lady) so my usual productive self is finding it hard to get anything done. Anyway it will be fun to have a baby in the house again. Lets just not think of those sleepless nights, pooey nappies and extra washing and think instead of the amazing miracle of another wee person in our family adding more colour and joy to us.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Finished projects...

This week we've sewed the bindings on three quilts and hand sewed them down. My older son James (12) is really really good at this now. He enjoys it too. So that's a bunch of UFO's finished. There are two more quilts at the quilters (thanks Verina xxx) but currently I'm just ticking away at some hand projects. Oh yes and I need to make something for my Quilters Angel. Here's a hint, I don't think my quilter speaks English as a first language!!

It's funny but I'm a bit worried about these projects. What if they are not good enough and my angel is disappointed? I'll just have to make them with lots of love and hope she likes them. My angel likes Reds and Pinks so I think my projects will be mostly pinks as I have some lovely ones in my stash i could use.

I'm also working on a big surprise project, come back monday and I'll tell you what it is!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Wee wall hanging

I spent a few hours last night and put this together for my niece. We started it together, but I used the wrong visofix and it was too hard to do blanket stitch around. so I just sewed and quilted it and then used gold glitter fabric paint on the edges. It looks great and i think she will like it.

Cold weather...

it is freezing here - rain and snow down to ground level.... roll on spring!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008


My Atom feeds have stopped working. Can anybody help??? I don't know why and don't know how to fix them!

A sewing weekend....

My friends Shenleigh, Shona, Barbara-Anne and I went to Coalgate and sewed manically all weekend! I started cutting four (yes four) of the Christmas Story quilt one for each of us. I've done blocks A (pictured) B and most of C. It's going to be lovely. We are going to try and get them done by Christmas.
Shona made us Rice Pudding - yum our favourite!
Man, can we make a mess!!

Shona's bright quilt (they were using the quilt as you go pattern from kaikoura)
Barbara-Anne's more muted but still lovely quilt.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

New glasses...

Ok, yes i did take a photo of myself! but these are my new glasses! I now have the modern version of bi-focals, which means I can type or sew and look up and still see - bonus! The novelty has not worn off yet, plus they are a bit stronger than the last ones so I can see the leaves on the trees again, and notice the hair on my children's head! Clarity is a wonderful thing.