Friday, October 21, 2005

Not so great!

Had a not so great day yesterday. Found out Matthew very sick indeed now, not going to make it, being sent home next week. Not so great. Great actually for Matthew who gets to have a great party in heaven and speak with God, not so great for us who feel sad being left behind.

Went to see the surgeon, have to limp around for next three years (or so) until can't limp any more, then get new hip. Decided to become more acquainted with elbow crutch, so can limp for bit longer. Not so great also!

Went to the Champion Centre to set goals for next six months for Reuben. Actually the Champion centre is great and Mariana (OT) Maureen (Play therapist) Louise (Music therapist) Jenny (speech therapist) Jane (Psycologist) and Marie (Teacher aid) were all fantastic and we set great goals. Its just kinda sad to have to have all these people in one room talking about your child (who you love) and deciding what are goals that are appropriate and whether it is realistic for him to do this that and the other, when most other 3-4 year olds do all this stuff with out their parents realising it is a big deal.

Not so great!

At least we got them all done in one day. God is good.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Two down...

I finished the first two quilts to get posted to England. There was $70 of materials in each, but I didn't really have the heart to tell the lady how much I wanted for them, so charged her $100 each. I think that means I earned about $1 an hour, which is less than what they get in Taiwan. Go figure!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Yesterday I spent all the day (well all the spare parts between the three year old, the washing and the meals etc) tidying my office/sewing room. It was so messy. Literally can't walk in the door. I sorted all the stuff from Showbiz, all the games from keeping the Showbiz kids entertained, put away all the craft stuff from card making the other night. Put all the quilting gear away... did all the filing and sorted all the papers.

It is truly amazing. My mind feels less cluttered now. I feel like i can think in here. I can certainly sit down on my two chairs for the first time in months. I know I will be able to finish off all the quilts (I think there are 10 or 12 to do before christmas). I feel inspired by the tidiness.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

On Quality time...

Hello there world, how have you all been doing in my absense?? coping I hope. I feel so much better after 12 days away. It is amazing. We went to Hamner which was great. If you want a good bach to go to, I have the number, ring me!! It was just as a bach should be, great TV, ugly furniture, fire, awful carpet, dryer, you know all the essentials. Best of all a short walk or bike ride to the pools and an even shorter walk to my favourite part of the forest. It was great. Then off last sunday on a horrible, windy road to Kaikoura. Believe me, if you are going from Hamner to Kaikoura, when you get to Rotheram, don't go by the Leader Road. It leadeth you round and round and up and down. Blah. Any way we got there, eventually. Kaikoura was great. We did lots of biking, some coffeeing, lots of sewing, have come back with maybe 5 or 6 quilt tops to back!! Anyone want to buy a quilt?? Took loads of photos of the kids. Every year I do a photo album for mum and dad and nana robbie for Christmas. This means about NOW i start manically taking photos so it looks like we have been doing stuff during the year! Good plan actually. There is something about looking at your children through the camera lense to focus your mind on how beautiful they are. They don't look nearly so annoying somehow!!

Anyway the rest has done me good, I'm off crutches again, hurray and ready to tidy my office!! See you later.