Thursday, June 30, 2005

Cricketers are like my marshmallow!!

Hello world! how are you all doing today?? I'm fine myself. My two boys are sick, one recovering and one at the lying on the sofa doing nothing stage (not being a bother). Our new windows are being installed as we speak, the last one is causing a headache for the builders (and ultimately our bank account) as the wall had no framing. I bullied all the men into fixing it the way I thought it should be and so that's what they are doing!!

I went off to the specialist today and I'm not getting a new hip till next year (bother) at the earliest, so I get to keep my crutches :)

Anyway I have been listening on the radio to all this talk about the cricketers going to Zimbabwe. I can't believe we are having this discussion. Why don't any of the cricketers have any backbone?? Where is their moral fortitude.

Recently I was making marshmallow slice for the boys brigade tea. I mixed all the ingredients as per the receipe, and left for the prescribed time. The next day I beat it and beat it, I beat it some more. Then I beat it again, but it still would not set. I could still be beating it actually and it would be no thicker because a vital ingredient was missing. It wasn't completely missing, some of it was there, but it needed more. I think our cricketers and the ICC are like my marshmallow. Something is missing, they are a little bit sorry (blah blah blah) but not enough. They are not going to be the real deal. They have not moral fortitude, they are not standing up for what is right.

I wonder what we can do about it...... I'll have to do some more thinking!

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

What am I thinking?

I am starting this blog because I think my mum would like to know what I'm thinking about!! You see my two sisters have blogs and she enjoys reading them. She said I should have one too cause it's interesting to see what people think. It got me thinking. I don't actually think much! I have three children and run a house and so I decided to start thinking. Now be patient with me, the cogs are a bit rusty, but hopefully as I learn this blog thing, maybe I will start thinking. I hope I can run it properly.

I don't suppose anyone is interested, but I am really trying to do the ironing, and have got seriously sidetracked!

I really think it is harder to think as a stay-at-home mum, cause you get so stuck doing mundane stuff!