Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I'm going to Thailand

When I was growing up I loved reading. I devoured books. I especially loved reading stories about real people. The real people I was reading about were missionaries. I thought they were amazing, I wanted to be one....

Time passes, good things and bad... but I am going to Thailand. I'm actually not cut out to preach the good news, I'm more of a practical person, I'm going to visit with people who live in little huts, who eek out livings with the skills they have. Heroes people are, they feed themselves and their families by the labour of their hands. I'm so blessed, i'm going to visit them and see what they do, and then I'm going to (hopefully) help them to make more things so that they can make more money. Isn't that great. Acutally I am so so excited. Watch this space

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Time is slowing down... the days are drifting past one by one twice and long as before. Yes its the last few weeks of the school holidays. Everyone has their new books, all covered and labelled, in fact everything is labelled within an inch of its life. Even Roo has a uniform and books all ready for the next big stage in his life. Actually all the children are at new stages, Chrissy is starting High School, James is starting intermediate and Roo is starting school. This means some mental adjustment for the mummy! In no time at all her preschool mothering days will be over (whew) and her new role will begin. How exciting for us all, a little bit scarey but an adventure none the less. Now if the adventure could just begin on monday.... !

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Happy New Year

Hello everyone, its a new year! Hurray!! Have you noticed how great it is to make a fresh start. (Like me logging back onto blogspot and getting a new password so i can use it!!) I just love new year. I make lots of resolutions! I have been to the gym four times this week, this morning I had a blood test so now I can go to the doctor. I've tidied my house within an inch of its life, my friends won't recognize it.. what else have I done this year... hmm. Oh yes I discovered that if one of your resolutions for the last three years has been to learn to back a trailor, its really quite simple, you actually have to attach the trailor to the car and start doing it! Amazing. I can now back a trailor down the street, not alas up the drive or into the garage, but hey its only the 12th or something and the last two years I didn't even try!!

Have a great day everyone and make lots of resolutions, its a new year, you get another chance.