Thursday, January 31, 2008

Nothing doing!

I have done no sewing this week. I can't believe it. I have five quilts waiting for bindings, and two quilts waiting for me to cut them out, but no, nothing has happened in my house! Maybe it is just the last week of the school holidaysitis! I am over them now, they can all go back to school.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My first painting...

James and I started art class last night and here is my first painting. I'm quite pleased with it for a first effort!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Cupcakes and picnics....

Chrissy has organised a picnic with her friends at the gardens in down. So plan A was to make cupcakes. Oh no - they did not turn out at all!
Plan B: Buy some cupcakes from the french bakery!
Add some icing and homemade decorations - hey presto - gorgeous cupcakes!
And here are all the lovely girlies having their picnic. Actually this is Chrissy's friends, she took the photo so is not in it. Isn't it amazing when your kids grow up and HAVE FRIENDS! Chrissy has overcome many many challenges in her short life, I am so proud of her. She is a lovely lovely girl. On monday she is started at a new school and leaving all her friends behind, but she still loves them and so she organised this picnic. I love you Chrissy, you are a star!

Holiday Paintings....

I took no stitching away with me at all, but I couldn't help myself. I had to do something creative! We all got stuck in and had some fun with the acrylic paints. These are my offerings. The top picture symbolises David and I growing up from our dark past into the light. The second one is about breaking out of the cage of our past and the third one is our family. In Maori design the girls are supposed to be one one side and the boys on the other, so its not quite right, but I quite like the look of it!! The light blue Koru is Reuben, the orange is James, and the darker blue, Chrissy, then the maroon is me and the dark blue is david. The red represents our love for each other as a family. I love the way Maori art tells stories and I really want to find out more about it. The children learn all about it at school and do amazing stuff.

The Okains Bay Camping ground...

These are for Susan... this is the camping ground we stayed in. There is no power, you just get to camp wherever you like amongst the trees. Its fantastic. There is great toilets and an OK kitchen, and $2 showers (we skipped those and swam every day!!). It is just so peaceful. The weather was fantastic and we all got a wee bit sunburnt.

Uses for a blow-up boat....

Pictures from the beach....

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Away for three days...

We are going to Okains Bay for the weekend in our new tent. (We got it last year in the sales) There is no power but there is water and toilets - whew! Its a lovely camping ground basically just trees and grass along side the beach. Hopefully the sun will shine and the water will be warm and everybody will be happy! I am not going to take any sewing, just sit under a tree and read a book.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Take one pair of socks, add one hour of time...

Our new book arrived from Amazon yesterday, sock and glove creatures. Its awesome and so much fun. The instructions are much much better than the other book we have! I made the elephant and the Zebra, and they are both really cute too. I'm hoping I can do these with my boy's brigade boys. I'm going to get James to make one himself and see how he goes first!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

School holiday messes...

There has been a lot of creativity in our house in the holidays. The flip side is that this is what our dining room looks like....

and like this! Lucky we have a big table outside and eat there in the summer!
Reuben had his heart set on orange play dough this morning. So I mixed up a batch before I went out to the office. Here is my lovely daughter playing with him. She deserves a medal for being so good to Reuben these holidays.
I had a go at one of the strip scrap quilts. I bought one metre of red floral from Spotlight for $10 and the rest was scraps. I think it looks quite good, busy but good!
This is the desperate houswives quilt that I am hating! I've decided not to do any more on it, just sew a border. So I need to find a fabric to tie the horrible thing together!

Monday, January 14, 2008

While I am in bag making mode...

I am tired of my ratty old swimming bag. And seeing as my new goal is to Aqua-jog five times, yes thats right, 5 times a week! I thought i would make myself one. It is lined with a piece of brown toweling that someone gave me (looks like Mrs Noah had it in the Ark!) which is perfect for all the stray drips. For the grand sum of $10 I have a bag I am pleased to use.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Finishing projects

I set myself a goal of finishing all my UFOs in January and I'm on the last one. But I can see why people have UFOs that last for years! I am HATING this project. It is called "Desperate Housewives" from a Quilting magazine, and is a lovely design. But it is not fun to sew AT All. I can see why UFOs languish for years!!! I think I will cut my losses and just do the centre and not the rest of it. Uggggggggggh maybe I can sew all the strips into something else!! Actually I've been looking at and she does a lot of amazing quilts that she calls "Chinese Coins". I had never seen them before but hers look amazing I think. So maybe this is my big opportunity to try one!! Yes I think that's what I'll do. Call it quits with Desperate Housewives and turn the rest into a Chinese Coins Quilt. Another UFO bites the dust!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Goodbye to the 12 year old!

This is James (who turned 12 last week) standing in front of the bus at 8am this morning. Off he went to Te Anau and arrived there after 6.30pm tonight. What a long bus journey. We had lots of text messages from him as he travells, but won't hear from him now until Saturday when he hops back on the bus again! I hope he has a fantastic week and come back full of his exciting experiences! Love you James, miss you honey xxxxx

Great book I read today...

I love Erica James and this is her at her absolute best! I could not put it down and have done not a stitch of sewing today! Isn't a treat to find a book you enjoy and to sit in the sun enjoying it. Thanks David and Chrissy for all your work today giving me the day off!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Two more monsters...

The wee fella is called "Georgie" and is for James, his ipod fits in its mouth! The flying pig is for my coach, Mike, because when I first started coaching, I didn't believe I could achieve my goals and have made the first three!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Take an old dress and shirt (two dollars each)....
and a short while later you have.....Cool eh! I'm really pleased with it.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The biggest sandcastle ever...

This morning after we finished our jobs in double quick time, we went off to the beach to build a sandcastle "big enough to be seen from outer space"! we had so much fun working together, and went home all sandy for lunch!

Friday, January 04, 2008

Home again

Chrissy, Reuben and I came home today. David and James have been doing fantastic work around the place, especially paving and such like. it looks great. I had forgotten that all the Christmas decorations would still be up - shame. Memo to self, PUT THEM AWAY BEFORE YOU GO ON HOLIDAY! Nevermind. Some more great books had arrived from Amazon. I wish I knew how people put links to things in their blogs or I could show you. Anyone who wants to tell me, please feel free!! I've posted all the photos of my very productive two week.

Two more projects....

Here is the beautiful bag (I'm thrilled with this) I made for MYSELF from the pattern by Leanne.
Here is a wee project I 'faked' for one of our staff whose wife is having a baby. I made a bag, change mat and zippered purse thingy. I'm terrible at zips though, I wish i could conquer them. Anyway once I load it with wipes, lotions and nappies it will look fine!

Photos as promised...

Here are the little monsters we made yesterday. Aren't they great? The kiddies love them!
Here is the family holiday quilt pieced ready to go off to Verina.

Here is the blue boy quilt. Actually I have completely finsihed this quilt. But did not take a photo of it. It looks great. I just need to put the boy's name on it (when I find out what it is!!).

Here is the baby quilt for Sarah.

Here is the whole thing, unfortunately she had a boy and I think it looks a bit girly. So I don't know if to finish it or give up and make something else.

Here are the first two monsters. (We made six all up)

Here is the Red Thailand backpack.
Here are the embroideries for the Family holiday quilt before I pieced it.

Here are Chrissy's snowglobes before I packed them up. She gets one each year.