Monday, February 12, 2007

on goal setting...

Have you noticed how people are so into goal setting these days. My goodness it is everywhere. Its quite sickening really. Most of the time it is like pulling yourself up by the bootlaces I think, quite futile. Not that I'm against progress, mind you, no not at all, but goal setting for goal settings sake is just nuts! I prefer to go on a journey. You come to a stream and need to get to the other side. Look around, there may be a few rocks to aid your way, you hop to the first and then the next. Bit by bit you get across the stream to the other side, then you hoist yourself up the bank, ah we are making progress! Up on the bank you look ahead, oh a paddock to cross and so off you go. That's goal setting to me, just moving quietly forward, past the cow pat, dodge the thistles, on and on, enjoying the journey.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Developing character

On monday I went to the gym as usual. For three quarters of an hour I was the only person in the women's part of the gym. It was great. There was only 6 people in the other part of the gym, everyone else had the morning off. One of the instructors told me that 10000 people belong to this gym and only 2000 people go. Isn't that amazing 8000 people paying good money to the gym but not going! I wonder if they think they will get fitter just by joining? Its a lot like being a Christian I think. Many many people call themselves christians, but only a few read their bibles every day and pray, but they think by just belonging to a church and going along occasionally that is enough. It is not enough, regular daily contact with God is what will build God's character into our lives, just like regular daily attendance at the gym will help us to get fit!