Friday, September 16, 2005

Market day

I'm in the eye of a business hurricane this weekend. We have just survivied the market day and are about to launch forth into the Showbiz week. But today and tomorrow are not too busy and I'm enjoying some piece and quiet.

Market day was a great success. All the little children (they think they are big kids) ran businesses, some of them already know they are bankrupt and some of them know they made a profit, and some of them (like mine) are not too sure! It was fun. I really enjoyed being in the superstore, helping the children make their purchases, and dishing out the odd bit of advice. Sadly my maths skills are quite quite poor and I charged one hapless group 5000 rupees, instead of 500. But great was their relief when they discovered the rebate!

I'm so proud of my kids, they worked together (and that's not easy for siblings) and they had a special needs child in their business and included her completely. I think they broke even, or nearly so, but it is more important to me that they managed the whole process. They had an idea, made the product and sold it very sucessfully. Whew!

I am also proud of some other kids who had a great idea, but it didn't really take off. Still they ran their business with sweetness and grace. God bless them. I think Kirsten, Caitlin and Ruth and their helpers are winners also.

Next week showbiz! Get a ticket, it will be great entertainment, if we survive the attempt!

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