Monday, February 11, 2008

Sally Barbara Becker 1969-13/2/07

Tomorrow it is one year since my friend Sally died. Sally was the bossiest, most straight-forward person you could meet. She loved to laugh and have fun. She did everything just so. She lost her hair, her figure, her memory and her control over her body, but she never lost her desire to live. I miss her so much, I feel like I just lost her yesterday. I think we have friends who fill different roles in our lives and the Sally hole is still very much empty in my life. She was the one I could go to and share my struggles and we could pray together. I felt safe sharing with her. Sally bossed us all around, but we all did what she said. Sally was always right.

I have no photos of her, we just did ordinary things together... watch our kids play, go for a walk, sit on the sofa and have a coffee. Sally's legacy to me is that I always carry a camera in my bag, every moment is precious and i want to be able to capture them.

I love you Sal, I miss you so much xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Jeanne said...

I'm sorry for the loss of your friend. She obviously held a very special place in your heart.