Thursday, March 27, 2008

Unlimited Camp....

Home made cookies
Me making pizza bases.
The pile of pizza trays!
Some of the kids (and dads) doing dishes
The lunch machine. Filled rolls down one end, cookies down the other! Just a few pictures from camp. Quite frankly I'm too tired to clean up and put away all the gear, so have taken a break and thought I'd post these pictures! We had a fabulous time, the weather was fantastic, actually warm, and the kids were all lovely (well most of them). The food went really well and no major disasters! It was a bit tricky as there were two ovens, but only one rack in each and as we nearly always needed four trays it took some nifty moves to get it all done in time. Not too many complaints which was good. I was lucky and got to sleep in a cabin with one of the teachers. Peel forest is absolutely lovely and I might post some of Chrissy's photos sometime. I'd definitely go back there as a family, it is a truly unspoilt beautiful spot and less than two hours from Christchurch. Amazing. We are so blest in this country and I felt so lucky to have the opportunity to leave my busy life behind for a bit and enjoy the serenity of the countryside and the majesty of the mountains!

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