Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Drugs and Alcohol

Yesterday I spend four hours learning about drugs and alcohol in the workforce. I learnt many horrifying facts.

  1. On any given day 10% of your staff will fail a random drug test.
  2. On any given day 10-15% of your job applicants will fail a drug test.
  3. After a fatal accident at a Christchurch workplace, 50% of their workforce failed the test.
  4. All of the high schools in New Zealand have a P problem.

I also watched this video. Enjoy....


Candace said...

Frightening isn't it. I heard statistics one time about the percentage of drivers who are drunk (not under the influence, but drunk) on the road and it was enough to make you stay home, except we still have to live our lives.

Amanda said...

It's best not to think about it, else you'd never do anything. Brilliant video.

Katie said...