Thursday, August 28, 2008

Finished projects...

This week we've sewed the bindings on three quilts and hand sewed them down. My older son James (12) is really really good at this now. He enjoys it too. So that's a bunch of UFO's finished. There are two more quilts at the quilters (thanks Verina xxx) but currently I'm just ticking away at some hand projects. Oh yes and I need to make something for my Quilters Angel. Here's a hint, I don't think my quilter speaks English as a first language!!

It's funny but I'm a bit worried about these projects. What if they are not good enough and my angel is disappointed? I'll just have to make them with lots of love and hope she likes them. My angel likes Reds and Pinks so I think my projects will be mostly pinks as I have some lovely ones in my stash i could use.

I'm also working on a big surprise project, come back monday and I'll tell you what it is!!


aunties said...

You must be an amazing lady at all you accomplish. I love that your 12 year son can and even enjoys binding the quilts. The quilts really are beautiful and I liked the one of you son/daughter? cuddling in one in an earlier post. A mess must occur in order to make something of beauty is my motto along with many more listed on our blog!
Have a great day...I will visit again to see your beautiful creations.

Home Sweet Hideaway said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. When I make something for someone I always worry about it being perfect as well. Your 3 quilt tops were amazing. Can't believe your son helps with the binding, I can't imagine my boys sitting still for that long.