Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hurray for Cultural Diversity!

On Saturday we spent the afternoon at the town hall watching the Junior Kapa Haka competition. We watched three schools including our own Hillview Christian School. Our James has been doing Kapa Haka for seven years and has really enjoyed it. Because it is primariliy a Maori Culture event, of course the other groups were all maori and they did amazingly well. However in our group, the girl leader was Nigerian (Bearnice) and one of the boy leaders was from Ghana. The girl doing the poi was Asian, I also spotted amongst all the collection of blonde, white skinned children, children from the Cook Islands, England, Australia and of course Maori children. It was a real melting pot of cultures, but they were united in their passion to do well. It was fantastic!

And, amazingly they got Third! how cool is that? This is what it really means to be a New Zealander. It means all of us getting along and celebrating together.

Thank you to the Hillview Kapa Haka kids who demonstrated this so well.

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