Thursday, January 11, 2007

Happy New Year

Hello everyone, its a new year! Hurray!! Have you noticed how great it is to make a fresh start. (Like me logging back onto blogspot and getting a new password so i can use it!!) I just love new year. I make lots of resolutions! I have been to the gym four times this week, this morning I had a blood test so now I can go to the doctor. I've tidied my house within an inch of its life, my friends won't recognize it.. what else have I done this year... hmm. Oh yes I discovered that if one of your resolutions for the last three years has been to learn to back a trailor, its really quite simple, you actually have to attach the trailor to the car and start doing it! Amazing. I can now back a trailor down the street, not alas up the drive or into the garage, but hey its only the 12th or something and the last two years I didn't even try!!

Have a great day everyone and make lots of resolutions, its a new year, you get another chance.

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