Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I'm going to Thailand

When I was growing up I loved reading. I devoured books. I especially loved reading stories about real people. The real people I was reading about were missionaries. I thought they were amazing, I wanted to be one....

Time passes, good things and bad... but I am going to Thailand. I'm actually not cut out to preach the good news, I'm more of a practical person, I'm going to visit with people who live in little huts, who eek out livings with the skills they have. Heroes people are, they feed themselves and their families by the labour of their hands. I'm so blessed, i'm going to visit them and see what they do, and then I'm going to (hopefully) help them to make more things so that they can make more money. Isn't that great. Acutally I am so so excited. Watch this space

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Sharyn said...

Wow! You are back! It's so good to HAVE you back!!!!