Sunday, June 22, 2008


I can't find my camera so I can't take pictures of my weekends work - I've offered a chocolate bar as a reward so I expect one of the children will find it pretty quick!! We had a great weekend. David took Reuben to a father/son day at Wainui with some friends of ours. They caught some (tiny) fish and had a generally great day. I did some sewing. I sewed bindings on three quilts and James has nearly finished sewing them all down. I cut all the fabric I had for my hearts quilt and sewed about 18 blocks (its easy peasy). James and I worked out a design for the left overs for the orange crush quilt and made a wee wall hanging. I made a bag to put the quilt in that we're giving away to a nice boy. What else?? hmm. Oh yes my youngest sister popped over on Saturday afternoon, we haven't seen her for ages. So she stayed for tea and we watched the rugby together. Good family day.

Yesterday we went to church and then had a bit of a tidy up here. Then David and James went cycling, Chrissy did some 'study' and Reuben had a play date with Olivia. Shenleigh and I snuck out to the quilt shop in town and I got two pieces of fabric for my hearts quilt. Then we went to spotlight and I brought 4 duvets for $7 and $10 each to use as quilt backs and fabric for a quilt for Jeremy and Eva. They are coming over in August so I'd better get that one made up quick. I'm going to use this quilt by Alycia. It looks simple but effective.

Then last night I was typing up some of Ashleigh's life story and David and I were doing our coaching homework. All and all a nice weekend!

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