Sunday, June 29, 2008

What to do on a wet weekend!

A finished project in place. This is the guest room in our cottage at Coalgate. Doesn't it look inviting? I wish we could get our act together and get it rented out more!!
Here is a boy completely relaxed with his little dog, lying in the bean bag watching Kids TV. We spent the day at Coalgate, just blobbing! I cut out two quilt tops and then spent the rest of the day reading. David was reading and painting and the kids were just mucking around. It was so peaceful. It was pouring with rain and freezing cold (3 degrees) out side, but lovely and cosy inside!


Candace said...

It looks cozy and relaxing. Sounds like you got a lot done though.

SusanE said...

I love the guest bedroom. Lovely bed cover.