Sunday, August 28, 2005


Recently I keep noticing people my age or younger who are achieving amazing things. They are athletes or City Councilors or Member of Parliments. I on the other hand have acheived almost nothing worthwhile or lasting in my life. I have no education to speak of, no business of my own, I hold no important positions in the community, in short I am a nobody.

I have decided that the problem with me it that I am very short of ambition. I am quite content to potter along in my life, running my household and suchlike, but have no ambition to do much more.

Maybe people have different levels of ambition or maybe we have to earn it, or do you get more as you do more stuff?? I have no answer for this.

Anyway it has been on my mind, so I thought I would see if anyone else had noticed this in themselves or others....


Jo said...

I was thinking the other day that maybe I have too much amibition. I'm always waiting for the next goal to happen and I wonder when I will just sit and be happy with finishing a project. For example I'm looking forward to Melbourne, then coming back, then going again and so on and so on...shouldn't I just be happy with one thing? Maybe we should find a spot in the middle eh?

ElizabethB said...

Are you the same lady who wrote 'Like a Kite on a String,' 'A Quilt for Our Mum' and particularly "ABOUT MY BOYS'?

Does ambition equate with achievement in your book?? Maybe you have achieved without ambition.

One day your children, your boys, the numerous people you have fed, the ones you have encouraged, your closest friends, your neighbours in need, everyone who has participated in '2 Crafty Hands' the many, many Mums who have been given some free time while you have looked after their kids 'will all rise up and call you blessed!'

Ambition ~ who cares, YOU ARE AN ACHIEVER!

Lynne said...

I'm with Elizabeth all the way. I don't think ambition and acheivement equate at all. We don't need huge ambitions to achieve heaps. Like you have, with your family and your boys brigade boys and all the other stuff you do.

true, some people have huge ambitions and go out and achieve them. Others of us simply do whatever it is we are doing to the best of our abilities, with generosity and style. And that is achievement.

I suspect there is also a contentedness in you... and contentedness is GREAT.

I am by nature a contented, non-ambitious woman. But I suspect I have "achieved" stuff along the way, in the everyday stuff i do. You can be in my box if you like. It's a happy, contended box!

For people who achieve from a position of contentedness and non-striving.

(And Jo, I also get the looking-forward-to-the-next-thing thing. Is is about ambition though or an enjoyment in new beginnings...?)

Jo said...

I have changed my mind on ambition. I remember being asked at school what I want out of life and my answer was that when I am old to be able to look back and be happy. To know I have no "whatifs" and I have affected people in good ways and to be content that I have done my best in everything. so maybe my earlier comment on ambition is actually what lynne says in that it's enjoyment of new beginnings and just another step on my way to being happy when I'm old.

And you do amazing things deb. I will blog about it one day (when I don't have 50 million assignments to do). I had so much fun with you last weekend. Don't ever think you're not successful or as good as other people because you really are amazing.