Saturday, August 13, 2005

Like a kite on a string...

Hello everyone,
I haven't been blogging for ages, what with sick kids, school holidays and the Three-Year-Old starting kindy, well I haven't been at the computer! I must say time does fly by doesn't it. The Three-Year-Old has a new favourite thing to do. He loves to go on a picnic. Yesterday we went on an awesome picnic and lit a fire and cooked sausages and boiled the kettle for hot chocolate and coffee. It was the best.

The whole picnic thing started a few weeks ago when our very good friends go a new van for work complete with rows of (soon to be removed) seats. Before the demise of the said seats, off we all went for a picnic. The first of the spring season, and the first one the Three-Year-Old could really enjoy. Up Victoria Park we went and ate our buns and drank our coke and enjoyed the sunshine.

While we were there we were watching the children flying kites. Up and away they soared. It struck me how I couldn't see the string holding the kite, but I was sure it was there because I could see the kite flying (and not flying away like some of our boys' kites did!!). It made me think how as Christians, we want the world around us, our friends and family and the people we meet, we want them to see us soaring like those kites, and even if they can't see the string and understand how it works, the difference they see in us will be so visible that they want to soar too. Now wouldn't that be awesome! Lets soar...

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