Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Contentment vs Ambition

Now isn't that a funny thing. Blogging is great, it's like having a diary that talks back to you! I loved the comments on my last blog and I think that they really are interesting. It is true that I am quite contented with my life and love the little things that I do, but you see I do what "layeth to my hand" I grasp at the opportunities as I see them. I constantly imagine how I would react in a situation if I was doing it for Jesus. Now I know that sounds flakey, but it's not, it really works, for example someone is coming for tea. I am flinging the duster around the get rid of the worst of the dust (we are renovating), as I do I ask myself, if Jesus was coming for tea, would I dust better. If the answer is no, (Jesus understands about the renovations) then ok, if the answer is yes, then more vigously strikes the rag at the dust!! It is a great yard stick I find. I suppose if you are not a Christian then just sustitute someone important to you, Helen Clark, Ghandi, Mother Theresa, The Queen... whatever.

Anyway maybe there are two main types of people, the ones who strive to acheive greatness in their field, and the ones who strive to acheive greatness in their daily lives as it comes to them!

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