Wednesday, November 14, 2007

On going having a fun day.....

On Tuesday the rest of our office went to the races. By all accounts, they had a fantastic fun time and I was so pleased for them. I went to school to help out with a camp day with the junior children. We had such a fun time, pitching tents, making banners and doing camp things. After school I popped into mum's to take a wee ipod case I had made for my dad. She was talking about how she wondered about reconciling ones Christian faith with the betting on the races. To be honest, I hadn't even thought about the betting, I was wondering about the drinking and general silliness. I'm just not into that kind of thing to be honest, I quite like to sit quietly and people watch, but I'm not very good and the 'lets go out and have fun' senario. I'm a bit of a party pooper actually (as my family knows). I did have a really great day at school though, I loved putting up the tent (and I loved being good at it), I loved being with Reuben and watching him watch the other children. I loved being able to mummy a little girl called 'Jemesa' who was the only child in school uniform on a mufti day and was crying all day. I loved the fact that she wanted to put her name on our banner and told me that the 'Purple Panthers' (our team) was the best team. I especially liked the way she leaned against me at lunch time! I had a fantastic day. I've been thinking that different people find different things fun and I think that we should be tolerant of each other's choices. To paraphrase a saying... "One man's fun is another man's torture!!!"

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