Monday, October 13, 2008

My parcel went last week...

i think its safe as to post these pictures as my angel has NO IDEA who I am!! So much fun. I enjoyed putting it together.
I actually didn't make these two items, but I was too sick to do that at the time and a I wanted to get it away, so hopefully my angel will forgive me for cheating. Aren't they beautiful, I hope she likes them. Actually I hope she can read English because I can't read her language!!

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Pia said...

The parcel arrived safely to Denmark today. I thank you very much for the beautiful things you put in it and of course I forgive you for the two cheaters. I think the lovely bag will be my favorite for the winter gatherings.
I guess you got my email adress from Helen - will you send me yours as I would like to send you a personal letter.
Hugs Pia