Sunday, October 19, 2008


The other night David worked out that we are going to have a teenager in our house for 22 years straight - such great planners we are!! Anyway this weekend three of Chrissy's friends came over, cooked their dinner and stayed the night. We had been instructed to get the house tidy and to remove the annoying little brothers for the night. We also removed ourselves for a couple of hours to the neighbours for dinner.
It was so lovely to get to meet these girls and talk to them and just see how nice they are! Teenagers are great, once you get to know them :)
I didn't get one stitch of sewing done this weekend, hopefully will get some things done this week. I have lots of plans to make some little Christmas Presents so need to get on to it, oh actually and one big present - a large quilt for the cousins. Hmm better get started!

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