Monday, April 07, 2008

A Challenge to you all....

I just spent the evening putting things in an Album for Aunty Jean. I can't believe someone can get to 87 and not have a photo album! She is turning 87 on Thursday. I got her handful of photos and added a few more, I got four certificates she got in the 1930s for playing the piano. I got some of her birthday cards and some of her cards with Bible verses on and I put the whole mixture into an album. I put all the dead people (from the funeral cards) at the back!! It actually looks amazing and I managed to fill the whole album which I am stoked about. It took me the whole evening but it was worth it. I think everybody should have a photo album. I'm a big fan of them myself. I make them for my mum and dad and David's mum every Christmas. I make them for my kids and I make them for our family.

Life is full of ups and down, and its great to sit on the sofa for an hour under a quilt with one of the kids and look at photos and remember the fun times! Ian Grant says "Children need a past, a present and a future" and I agree. I take photos of my Boy's Brigade boys and make an album for them too. Their parents don't do it, and the boys LOVE to see how much they have grown! I take it to camp and they spend heaps of time looking at it.

It's important to take photos of the ordinary stuff too, because things change, but when you look at the photo it helps you remember. Digital cameras are great, and people take heaps of photos, but they don't print them out. I think that is a shame, print those photos people, stick them in albums. Technology changes so much, you could easily loose them when time marches on and you can't access them anymore because you have upgraded.

I challenge anybody reading to go and print their photos. Let me know how many you print. I would love to know! I will give a prize to the person who prints the most photos...


SusanE said...

Digital information is great but printed copies are vital.

Years ago I entered our family tree (tracing back to the 1500s) on the computer.

A couple of computers later I tried to open it again and the file wouldn't open... PANIC.

Fortunately my sister had a copy of the file and that one would open so all is not lost.

My plan to to purchase 500 sheets of paper and just print out all the reports the software generates so that I will always have a version that I can read without a computer present.

Amanda said...

Your blog has got me re-motivated to dig out my photographs and get on with those albums. It was one of my projects for once I retired, but quilting has taken over. I must get down to it - particularly the images on my computer.