Saturday, April 05, 2008

What I actually did this weekend was...

Quilt for Tara's baby....

  • Tidy most of the house including the two messiest bedrooms. (One was so bad it made me want to cry!)

  • Visited David's Aunty Jean

  • Had coffee with Shenleigh

  • Cooked a yummy dinner and had our friends over for dinner

  • Purchased new hair clippers and cut David's hair!

  • Baked three fruitcakes

  • Baked 60 chocolate chips cookies

  • Sewed binding on quilt for Lynley and finished it.

  • Gone to church

  • Backed, bound and finished quilt for Tara.

  • Sewed some circles for the Japanese Folded Quilt

  • Sewed 150 4-patch squares for Bonnie's Mystery quilt (when I've worked out how to put the link up I will!!

  • Made a roast vege salad

  • Went to the Park with the kids

  • Gone to mum and dad's for tea

  • As welll as all that I have done load after load after load of washing as our washing machine was fixed on friday after over three weeks of being broken!

  • Folded laundry mountain created by all the washing

I'm pleased with what I achieved!!

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely incredible!!!