Tuesday, April 29, 2008

School Holidays

I took five kids to Coalgate. At Coalgate we have built a cottage, it is 45 minutes from our home in Christchurch, but the life style is light years away from our frantic life here! I took a 14 year old, a 13 year old, two 12 year olds and a six year old. We made stuff, we sat by the river, we lit a huge fire and cooked marshmallows. We watched movies and tv and generally hung out. It was good, tiring but good. What was I thinking? Motivated 5 kids to get organised was a mission!!


Amanda said...

How brave are you!!! Sounds like you had fun thought, and it looks as if you even managed some sewing.

Candace said...
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Candace said...

You bring back memories from my childhood. My best friend's grandmother used to take her and her sister and 2 brothers, and me and sometimes another one of their cousins to the lake for usually two weeks at a time, and usually more than 1 time a summer. We ranged in age from elementary to high school, and we were a handful, but she never lost her cool, and we always minded her. I guess even then we realized how lucky we were. We got to explore and go to town and have fish fries, and on week-ends our parents would come, my friends with a boat. Those are my best childhood memories. You are giving that to your kids. Unfortunatly, she passed away when we were young, but she was much loved.
Thank you for your remarks on my Crazy Big Block.