Thursday, April 24, 2008

Yes I am sewing!!

This weekend I've started the quilt for David. I'm making it out of his old shirts. I hope he likes it. I'm also making some progress on the wall hanging for my brother. I'm hoping to visit him in June so it would be cool to take it with me. The kids and I are going to be in Coalgate most of next week so hopefully I should get heaps done! I want to make another one for another little boy too. Nothing like being ambitious!


mereth said...

It's good that young ones go to the Anzac services, it really is a special thing to do.That's why I was glad that my son decided to come with us. I think we'll have our little ceremony every year from now on.
Can't wait to see how all the orange crush fabrics come together, it's really hard not knowing what the pattern is.Hope you get a lot of sewing achieved this weekend.

Candace said...

I love the quilts that I have seen made out of shirts. I think some of Bonnie Hunter's prettiest are her shirt material quilts. I'll bet your quilt will be very well received and appreciated.
Thank you for your comment on my blog. I agree with you, it isn't quite right, it is too bright for the muted tones, but it doesn't shout too loudly at me, so I think I'm going to use it anyway. Have had it so long, and it isn't convenient to go shopping right now.