Monday, July 14, 2008

Our A 2 Z Adventures...

David and I have a new blog. Working with our coach recently we were talking about how having weekly 'dates' can be quite lame and not really helping to connect with each other. Mike was encouraging us to have 'experiences' together, so we decided to take turns going through the alphabeth, choosing experiences! So far we have had A (A conversation) and B (Bus trip and coffee at Borders Bookshop). It's so much fun - it really makes you think outside the square and there's the element of competition just to add some spice! I have C (I know what I'm going to do) and David has D and so on.

We want to see how many people will join us. Time invested in your relationship is never wasted. If you are interested, leave a comment and we'll put your names on the blog.

We are having fun!

1 comment:

Sharyn said...

Have you, perchance, read alphabet weekends? Lol. And I hope you get Y (LOL!)

Still laughing about turd burglars.