Saturday, July 05, 2008

Saturday Sewing...

Another top! I was trying out this pattern from Alycia with some fairly poxy fabric that I had. It was so fast, I cut it out last weekend and sewed it up in one afternoon. The contrast was not strong enough but it still an ok top. I think I'll call it "Candyfloss"! I think I'll try and find some flannelette to put on the back and then it can be one for the kids to slob around under!! I've got some lovely fabric cut out to make one for someone I love (can't say who!!) and I think this pattern will be just right. The bag is for a quilt I made but haven't given away yet. I'd lost the letters I made in the abomination that is called my sewing room (gosh what a mess in there) so I can sew them on now.

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