Friday, July 11, 2008

Sewing plans!

Another weekend hurray! I wish that I could just sew all weekend. I can't get used to working full time and not being able to squeeze in any sewing time! I've got three quilts I want to make before the end of August...
  • One for my dad - I made him a wee one at Christmas, but he actually seems to like it so I'm going to make him a lovely one to snuggle under for his birthday!
  • One for Eva - she's coming over in August.
  • One for Mum to take to Korea out of New Zealand fabrics.
I'm going to do them all quite a simple but effective design. Hopefully I can get one done this weekend. I had a bit back tooth pulled out yesterday and feel a bit poorly today, but it won't stop me from some sewing!

I also brought some gorgeous fabrics yesterday, I couldn't resist them. I'm going to do them as a hexagon project just to plod away at in the evenings. I love having a hand project on the go. I'll put a photo in here later.

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