Thursday, January 17, 2008

School holiday messes...

There has been a lot of creativity in our house in the holidays. The flip side is that this is what our dining room looks like....

and like this! Lucky we have a big table outside and eat there in the summer!
Reuben had his heart set on orange play dough this morning. So I mixed up a batch before I went out to the office. Here is my lovely daughter playing with him. She deserves a medal for being so good to Reuben these holidays.
I had a go at one of the strip scrap quilts. I bought one metre of red floral from Spotlight for $10 and the rest was scraps. I think it looks quite good, busy but good!
This is the desperate houswives quilt that I am hating! I've decided not to do any more on it, just sew a border. So I need to find a fabric to tie the horrible thing together!

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