Friday, January 04, 2008

Photos as promised...

Here are the little monsters we made yesterday. Aren't they great? The kiddies love them!
Here is the family holiday quilt pieced ready to go off to Verina.

Here is the blue boy quilt. Actually I have completely finsihed this quilt. But did not take a photo of it. It looks great. I just need to put the boy's name on it (when I find out what it is!!).

Here is the baby quilt for Sarah.

Here is the whole thing, unfortunately she had a boy and I think it looks a bit girly. So I don't know if to finish it or give up and make something else.

Here are the first two monsters. (We made six all up)

Here is the Red Thailand backpack.
Here are the embroideries for the Family holiday quilt before I pieced it.

Here are Chrissy's snowglobes before I packed them up. She gets one each year.

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