Wednesday, January 02, 2008


I'm feeling very happy tonight. I managed to completely piece the Family Holiday quilt (by Ani Downs I think). It looks amazing though I say it myself. Still can't upload the photos but will do them all on the weekend when I go home. I left off all the 'girly' bits as it is for my best friend's dad who is turning 70 in May (how organised am I?). I'm going to send it to the lovely Verina for quilting. I am absolutely stoked to have it done so early, when I did the same one for my mother-in-law I finished it the night before! I'm having a very productive time here at Coalgate. It's been a beautiful day here, probably around 30 degrees C, just magic. My neighbour invited us to the school pool for a swim this evening and the kids had a lovely time. Reuben is a lot better tonight, although he still looks like an absolute wreck. We are seriously considering not going on holiday because of his mental health (or lack thereof). I was so pleased to have some time hanging out with our lovely neighbours, it restored my sanity!

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