Friday, January 04, 2008

And the final tally is...

Tomorrow Chrissy, Reuben and I are going home. We've had a great two weeks here at Coalgate. It's the longest visit to our cottage here, and its been fantastic. Because we were keeping Reuben quiet, I have listened to a lot of kids TV while I sewed! I have been so productive. This is what I have achieved....

  1. Pieced and quilted blue boy's quilt

  2. Finished embroidery and pieced Family holiday quilt

  3. Pieced Baby quilt for Sarah

  4. Embroidered and pieced bag (for me)

  5. Finished the Red Thailand backpack

  6. Made baby nappy bag, change mat and bits bag for Jenny

  7. Made and helped the children make 6 monsters from the Plush-o-ama book from amazon.

Isn't that amazing? I impress myself!! I'll put all the photos up tomorrow.

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