Sunday, January 13, 2008

Finishing projects

I set myself a goal of finishing all my UFOs in January and I'm on the last one. But I can see why people have UFOs that last for years! I am HATING this project. It is called "Desperate Housewives" from a Quilting magazine, and is a lovely design. But it is not fun to sew AT All. I can see why UFOs languish for years!!! I think I will cut my losses and just do the centre and not the rest of it. Uggggggggggh maybe I can sew all the strips into something else!! Actually I've been looking at and she does a lot of amazing quilts that she calls "Chinese Coins". I had never seen them before but hers look amazing I think. So maybe this is my big opportunity to try one!! Yes I think that's what I'll do. Call it quits with Desperate Housewives and turn the rest into a Chinese Coins Quilt. Another UFO bites the dust!

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