Saturday, November 01, 2008

Finishing off odds and ends

I'm loving this book. I brought it a year ago and have just started using it. I'm inspired to make some little christmas gifts like this...
I was also inspired by Manda and made this picnic rug out of my trademe purchases, I put polar fleece on on the back for those beach occasions when you need something warm to wrap the wet kids up in to go home...

It must be something to do with being pregnant, but in the last two weeks I've been finishing off projects. It's amazing how many projects just needed a small amount of time to finish off. I've put the binding on 3 christmas wall hangings, my friendship wall hanging, my left over orange crush wall hanging and also finished Rhys' quilt. Its feels so good to tidy up all these loose ends!

Rhys quilt was just a metre of dinasour fabric that I thought he would like and I added two borders. It looks great (Shenleigh made a great job of quilting it) and it actually quite large. Rhys will love it.

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