Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Working from home...

I started this project on my birthday. Its the Truly Scrumptous Quilt, I can't remember who it is by. We photocopied the embroidery pattern straight onto the fabric because we thought the black and white would look cool. It's so fake! but I love it. I went to buy some batting today because I thought I would hand quilt it, but I didn't buy enough - grrr so will have to sandwich it another day.
Here's my wee boy who is feeling poorly, I think he has a throat and ear infection but have to wait till 4pm tomorrow to see the doctor - poor wee darling.

Here's why working from home is not all bad! I spent most of the day sitting on the sofa with small boy cuddled up to me while I wrote policy (and read blogs).


Karen said...

Just love the Cinderberry Stitch pattern done in black. Very creative.

Julie said...

The poor little fellow. It tugs at my heart to see a sick child. He looks like a sweety. I am sure he is over all of that now.