Sunday, November 02, 2008

Sunshine and sunday afternoons!

Yesterday I was feeling good and even went to church in the morning which was great. In the afternoon Liz and I went to the Art Centre to get a quilt hanger for this wee wall hanging which we decided looked better in her house than mine. When I came home I was looking at all the leftovers, there were loads because orginally it was going to be the Friendship quilt (by Natalie Bird??) and I had an idea. Three hours later - presto, a altered logcabin quilt for Liz to throw over her sofa and add to the cottagey feel of her sitting room. I had so much fun doing this. I was inspired from this book (yes another book I bought) which has a really funky quilt in it. Actually you should go and visit Anne Marie's blog. It is very inspiring indeed. Anyway I just used the log cabin block and it looks great. Sometimes I just like to just make something for little or no reason!!

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