Thursday, December 13, 2007

100 Dreams

Here are my 100 dreams all ready to go....
1. Do the Akaroa three-day walk
2. Eat cake in France
3. Touch the great wall of china
4. Visit with Dutch Blue in Holland
5. Learn to paint
6. Write a book about my story
7. Write a receipe book for kids
8. Learn to ride a motor bike
9. Collect more enamelware
10. Learn to swim!
11. Be happy in my skin
12. Be a fantastic grandmother
13. Go to Jo Seagar's Cooking School
14. Plant more flowers
15. Go to the Bay of Islands
16. Travel in a camper van
17. Learn to play the saxaphone
18. Sing in a choir
19. Stand on the top of a mountain
20. Beat David at chess
21. Visit the Greek Islands
22. Eat pizza in Italy
23. Go to Morocco
24. Take bibles to China
25. Visit the Amazon Jungle
26. Swim in the dead sea
27. Go to the beehive and watch parliment in session.
28. Learn to light a fire by rubbing sticks together
29. Learn to recognize native flora in the bush
30. Master foundation piecing (patchwork)
31. Go scuba diving in warm water
32. Go to Canada and visit SusanE
33. Walk the Milford track
34. Sleep under the stars
35. Learn to recognise the constellations
36. Learn the names of the planets
37. Teach boys how to cook
38. Run a drop in centre
39. Ride/walk the Otago Rail trail
40. Be a mentor to others
41. Going to build an enormous sandcastle on the beach
42. Going to write a story with Reuben every day of these holidays
43. Going to bake Christmas shortbread and give it to my friends.
44. Going to plant at least one new rose in my garden.
45. Going to lose 10kg in three months.
46. Going to look after my skin by putting moisturiser on every day.
47. Going to read at least 5 good books this summer.
48. Going to visit the Art Gallery.
49. Going to cover my son's books with fancy covers for the new year.
50. Going to spend time working on my projects.
51. Going to clean out the garage and KEEP MY CAR IN IT.
52. Going to cook delicious meals for my family.
53. Going to have at least three families over for dinner over the holidays.
54. Going to reconnect with my friend Nicola.
55. Going to make my brother's birthday present.
56. Going to enjoy camping with my family.
57. Going to get some story tapes to make a long car journey more fun.
58. Going to read to my children.
59. Going to walk the dogs at least once a week instead of just sending the kids!
60. Going to paint my fingernails!
61. Going to paint a picture that I'm proud of
62. Going to declutter the hall cupboard
63. Going to Akaroa to lie on the beach
64. Going to sell some of my work
65. Going to create art works with my patchwork
66. Going to always have fresh flowers in the house.
67. Going to buy a new duvet cover for my bed
68. Going to stop wearing ugly underwear!
69. Going to only buy clothes I really love
70. Going to master using my overlocker
71. Going to do a patchwork class every term
72. Going to have coffee with a friend every week.
73. Going to watch a movie with David every term.
74. Going to have family night every sunday.
75. Going to make the job roster work.
76. Going to get a new cleaner.
77. Going to motivate women to make a difference in their world
78. Going to master the ipod and download things I WANT to listen to.
79. Stop wearing "don't come near me" pjs
80. Hug David every day.
81. Manage our business and steer it forward.
82. Look after my team.
83. Know the names of the team's wifes/partners and children
84. Send our team a birthday card.
85. Acknowledge work well done.
86. Set structures in place for accountability in every area.
87. Make sure that I can always be relied on.
88. Have a clear vision for our company's future.
89. Always have a spare bed in our home.
90. Get a budget for our family.
91. Encourage my children to make presents for their friends.
92. Keep a scrapbook of all the special things that come my way.
93. Write poetry.
94. Find a way to express the feelings I have that others can understand.
95. Cry at sad movies.
96. Cry when I feel sad.
97. Find good jokes to tell the kids.
98. Write notes for the kid's lunchboxes, at least once a week.
99. Get Reuben eating fruit.
100. Love the way that God created me unique.

1 comment:

SusanE said...

2009 I'm going back to the Yukon for another cycling trip. Want to join me.

In 2010 I'll fly down there and do a hiking trip with your on the trial of your choice.

Or we can wait a couple of extra years.

A few years ago I decided to just say "I'm going to .... in 20___". Once I'd said it out loud, I just started planning it. So far the two trips have happened. I have three more that I've said. One is happening next June. The other is tentatively scheduled for August, then 2009 back to the Yukon.

You're welcome to join me and Laurence for that trip.