Monday, December 10, 2007

Another Christmas present done...

This is with the new moda charm squares. I've never used them before. I started this quilt before work and finished it after work. Chrissy worked out the pattern. Isn't it great. So simple, but so pretty. Hope mum likes it! (Lucky she doesn't read my blog anymore or the cat would be out of the bag. I've put together one for my dad too, I just need to get some fabric for the border tomorrow. I'm on a roll.
Talking of cats out of bag, finally our puppy, Pepper, (maltese terrior cross) has gone off heat. Gosh that was an education for the kids. I wonder how long it will take till this happens again. Anyone tell me???


SusanE said...

I think twice per year is the usual, but I can't be sure, my dogs are spade and neutered. However the twice per year is for dogs that are affected by seasons (I think). House dogs don't really deal with winter in the same way as outdoor dogs. But I do know that dogs will go into heat in the winter, making sometimes for winter litters, so I'd say plan on 3 times per year (maybe four).

Nice quilt... hey could you design one with a dog team on it.... maybe my dogs and me? What would it cost? How could we send it half way around the world?

Jo said...

I've missed so much! I was only away a couple of weeks! Loving catching up on your blog. You have to keep it up when I'm in Aus. Love the Canteen quilt...looks like someone real cool helped sort out the pattern ;)

love you xx