Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Mrs Incredible Unmasked...

Well I'm sick today and having the day in bed. It is such a luxury! I will have to get up when the kids come home, but in the meantime me and the dogs and at least one cat are enjoying the laziness! It is so nice just lying in bed that I think it is worth having a wicked headache and killer sore throat. Plus cause my throat is so sore I can't eat so its a nice enforced diet!! I had a major coaching session with Mike yesterday. My husband, David, had Mike as a coach first and Mike and I didn't exactly hit it off! So its kind of weird that he is my coach now. At first I thought he was a total fruitcake, a complete nutter, but actually he's one smart cookie. Anyway one of my goals was to "love my fantastic and wonderful marriage with David". Well at the point when I started coaching I was thinking, just staying married to David would be a miracle, but now I can see that I am going to have a fantastic and wonderful marriage to David. Recently I have seen that I was trying (quite successfully) to be Mrs Incredible and its not that helpful! It was kind of a coping mechanism for my life and worked to a degree, but the downside is that Mrs Incredible doesn't feel things. This is good (she thinks) for all the pain in her life, but it also means she isn't able to feel love and affection from others. Also she is wrong about the pain, she just ends up carrying it around all the time and thinks that noone can see it. So now Mrs Incredible has taken off her mask and looks around at her amazing life and is able to feel it. Ironically she now must feel the bad things too (like being sick) but even that is way way better than carrying around all the accumulated pain from years of not feeling things. Mrs Incredible is not going to save the world now, but realise that she can dream dreams and create a life for her and her family. Cool eh! Thanks Mike.

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