Sunday, December 09, 2007

Boy's Brigade weekend...

We had a great weekend. Not what we expected. We were booked into go to Journeys end, which is a great campsite in North Canterbury. There is facilities there and a great place to pitch tents. But there was a mix up and some people who don't wear too many clothes were going there! Not so suitable for our boys. So at the last minute we took them to our cottage at Coalgate and we had a great time. The boys went on a walk up to the old coalmine, went swimming, went to the river and collected firewood and had big fire and cooked marshmallows. I was not feeling great, so lucky me I got to stay inside and do all their meals. That was perfect for me. I made them all sorts of yummy things, one of the boys said "Deb is the best cook ever" but he's being kind, because it was just good boys food!

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