Thursday, December 06, 2007

Plans for the weekend.

I'm off on Boys Brigade camp this weekend. I'm Camp Mother!! I've got two buy the food for 20 people today and deal to it all weekend. Usually I really enjoy it, but I've been sick all week with a headache and sore throat so am hoping to manage camp as well... didn't you know mummies aren't allowed to get sick! I love all my boys though, especially the naughty ones. They are the ones that need an extra hug as they are just trying to get your attention. I'm going to try and sew the backing onto the Grey day Quilt so I can do the finishing touches while I watch the boys. I plan to sew loads of grey toned buttons on it to give it some texture!

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SusanE said...

Funny, I teach swimming privately. And the kids I love teaching most are the "bad" kids. You're right they're the ones who need to know that they are liked/loved more than the others. My greatest satisfaction has always come from the kids that other people like the least.