Tuesday, December 04, 2007

20 Things I want to do...

Why not dream?? Someone dared me to write 100 hundred dreams. Well here's the first installment! Who knows how these could happen, but if we don't dream they WONT.
So here is my first 20...

1. Do the Akaroa three-day walk
2. Eat cake in France
3. Touch the great wall of china
4. Visit with Dutch Blue in Holland
5. Learn to paint
6. Write a book about my story
7. Write a receipe book for kids
8. Learn to ride a motor bike
9. Collect more enamelware
10. Loose 20 kgs!
11. Be happy in my skin
12. Be a fantastic grandmother
13. Go to Jo Seagar's Cooking School
14. Plant more flowers
15. Go to the Bay of Islands
16. Travel in a camper van
17. Learn to play the saxaphone
18. Sing in a choir
19. Stand on the top of a mountain
20. Beat David at chess


SusanE said...

What's the Akaroa three-day walk?

I should come to New Zealand for an adventure.

I'll meet you on a mountain top somewhere. (LOL, I've got a GPS, just send me the coordinates.)

deb said...

Here is the link to the website. Have a look then book your trip! http://www.tuataratours.co.nz/akaroa-3-day-walk/ You definitely should come on an adventure but it will have to be a small mountain as I have dodgy hips!!